What do I do if I'm organizing an awesome festival and I want all the InDnegev people to know about it?

In order to keep the desert clean all commercial materials are not allowed on festival grounds.

Okay, so I get there are shows. What else though?

CD and vinyl stands, comfortable restrooms, resting tents, a second-hand book store, phone charging station, visual arts exhibits, audience participatory art performances, beautiful people and open desert planes

Can I come and go as I please?

There's no problem to come and go. The event will go on for24 hours straight.

Rumor has it... is it true?

Festival staff and website maintenance make sure to update the site and social network live with all relevant info. To stay updated, follow us on social media or visit the news page once in a while. We are not responsible for any info from different sources.

My battery's about to die, What sould I do?

Generally we recommend to take a break from the iPhone and only to use it when needed. If you still need a place to chanrge we offer a charging station in the merch booth for a low price.

The website isn't working!

If you're not using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you can at the very least update to Internet Explorer 9 (For fairness we didn't add downloading links to any of them), our recommendation - google your favorite.

What happens if it rains during the festival?

It doesn't usually rain around this time in this part of the desert. If it's just a drizzle the festival sould go on as planned. The onnly reason to stop the festival is in case of damage to expensive equipment. If the forecast looks gloomy we'll let you know.

I'm driving, where can I park?

Parking isn't far from the tent area.

Will there be medical services on festival grounds?

Yes. We have an on wheels medical clinic with professional medical staff open at all hours. On top of that there will be ambulances on call in case of emergency.

How about security?

The festival has civilian security, the services of the Israeli police forces as well as firefighting, rescue and army services. Please make note - entrance to the festival is after police security checks - please read entrance conditions fully and follow them to avoid any inconveniences. Also, we mustn't forget - marijuana still is not legal in Israel. The Israeli police will be on site and will check festival-goers bags - let's avoid distress for all sides involved

Where and how can I buy tickets for the festival?

Details on purchasing tickets are on the "tickets" page. Go ahead and get them! Remember you cannot buy tickets on festival grounds - all sales are before the event!

We want to bring the kids. Should I buy tickets for all of them?

The festival is 18+. Children under 6 have low cost entrance. Details in tickets page.

So many things to do and buy, what if I run out of cash during the festival?

No problem. There are ATM services in the bar. Please note that except for food you can also purchse InDnegev T-shirts as well as CDs and records of the performing artists and other surprizes, so there's no need to hold yourself from buying all the goodies (but of course this isn't the main thing and you'll have a blast without it.)

Can I buy food and drink in the festival?

Yes. The festival has a number of food stands where you can purchase food and drink at convenient prices. In the bars you can both get cash and pay with your credit card. Please note that selling and serving alcohol to those under 18 is illegal and prohibited - these instructions will be strictly enforced

I prefer my own food and bevrages, can I bring them?

Of course. You can bring food and drinks for your private usage in the camping area. Still, there are some restrictions on bringing them into the performance areas because of strict police demands meant to keep audience and performer safety. You can bring in to the performance areas food and drinks (as long as they aren't alcoholic) in bottles not made of glass. שאינם Bringing alcohol to performance areas is illegal especially to those under 18. Any violation of these rules could result in expulsion from the festival as well as police involvement.

When should I get there? When do shows start?

The festival starts on Thursday (3/21) at 4pm and will continue until Friday (3/22) at 4pm.
Full schedule will be up soon.

How do I get to the festival?

Details on arriving in a private car or by public transport are available on the "getting there" page. We highly recommend joining foces and offering others a ride or joining our ride sharing facebook group, so you can get to know new people, and save on gas expences. And who knows, you might just find the love of your life... (it wouldn't be a first for the festival... :))

How do I get a ride?

To help making matches between those coming to the festival with a private vehicles and those looking for rides we opened a Facebook ride-sharing group in which you can look for or offer rides: try it out!

Where do I sleep?

כאמור מי שרוצה מוזמן לישון בשטח האירוע. מי שמחפש לינה יותר רגועה – יש אפשרות להשכרת חדרים באורחן גבולות. מוזמנים גם להציץ ב-Airbnb!

What about the weather? Is it cold? What should I wear?

Daytime will be pleasant, maybe even warm, so you can walk around in light clothes. At night it gets pretty cold, so make sure you have warm clothing.

What about people with disabilities? Is the festival accessible?

Sadly, since the event takes place in a natural landscape only certain parts of the festival have paths that are comfortably accessible for wheelchairs. Although there is still no access to the main stage, the staff will make the utmost effort to help people with disabilities to get around the festival grounds. The venue will be adapted for different disabilities and there will be accessible toilets. More details on the "accessibility" page, you are also very welcome to contact our accessibility coordinator and the staff will do whatever is possible to help.

Nice festival. I'm a journalist and I would like to cover it. Who should I talk to?

Media and press intrested in covering the festival are welcome to contact the organizers at indnegev@gmail.com

Nice festival. I'd like to perform too. Who should I contact?

Line-up application for this coming festival is closed. Follow us for next year's application.

How can I show my art, open a booth or volunteer?

Talk to us through the "Contact us" page.

I have a question you didn't answer here.

For every additional question or request you can contact the festivals coordinators and we''ll try to answer as soon as possible. Go to our "contact us" page or leave us a message on the festival's Facebook group.

Can I bring photography equipment (stills , video)?

Of course. It's possible and recommende to photograph the event just don't forget to be considerate to others while doing so.

Who do I talk to in case there's a problem during the festival?

In case of any kind of problem you can contact the security staff or the police on grounds. Additionally, festival staff will be happy to help with any problem. You can always look for a person in a "staff" T-shirt and talk to them.