Festival production puts a big effort into making the event as accessible as possible to people with disabilities and to give them the opportunity to participate, as much as the festival spirit allows.

 The event takes place in an open lanscape, mostly on sandy grounds which makes it even more challenging for accessible movement. Part of the festival takes place in the historical "Mitzpe Gvulot" site, where there are limited accessibillity arrangements - concrete paths, a concrete dance floor in front of the stage, accessible restrooms, water coolers and a Bar. The other part takes place on a sandy landscape and in a big area and there aren't full accessibility arrangements. Part of the land has been worked on to become a tighter path but still these are outdoor conditions and further assitance might be needed to get around.

 Accessibility adaptations -

 Adapted seats will be situated near the stage for people with physical disabilities.

  • People who are physically disabled and cannot transfer themselves from the parking outside festival grounds will be allowed to park behind the "Mitzpe" site. Please contact festival production staff to do so.
  • For those in need of hearing aid please contact festival production staff ahead of time.
  • In case of different accessibilty adaptations, we will do our best to help.

For any question, clarification or request regarding accessibility please contact us by mail at