Getting There

Ride Sharing

Our ride-sharing Facebook group is open fir offers, requests and new connections between festival goers. A great opportunity to save some money, to be good to our environment and to get to know new and wonderful people. Make a playlist, surprise your ride with some homemade cookies or just talk about the show you can't wait to go to... Come with an open heart.

Public Transport

From Tel-Aviv The 379 bus from Tel-Aviv's central bus station takes you to Eshkol Regional Council (center). From there take the number 14 bus to Gvulot.

From Beer Sheva: take the number 35 bus from the central bus station to Eshkol Regional Council (center) and from there the number 14 bus to Gvulot.

From the Gvulot station you can arrive by foot (it's a short walk).

ImportantL when you buy a ticket in Tel-Aviv or Beer Sheva make sure to say you're going all the way to Gvulot since the transport from Eshkol Regional Council to Gvulot is a free service bus so it'd be a waste to buy a ticket especially for it.

Private Vehicle

Coming from Tel-Aviv (or anywhere north of it): An hour and fifteen minutes drive from Tel-Aviv.

In Yad Mordechai junction (route 4) turn left and go on until Nir Am junction (route 34) where you take a right. Then take a left at Saad junction and a right in the next intersection (route 232). Go on untill Gvulot junction where you take a left (route 222) and then a right to Gvulot.

Coming from Beer Sheva: about a 35 minute drive.

Drive all the way to Gilat junction. Turn right towards Ofakim and Urim (route 241) and take a left at Urim junction (route 234). At Tze'elim junction take a right and then a left to Gvulot.

Or you could just use Waze: